Friday, 8 May 2015

A new interest - week 1

I wouldn't call it a hobby yet, it may become one, but it's started out as something different to do on Thursday evenings which may be useful in the future.
The other side effect of it is that in the office at work it gives us something to discuss which isn't, marking, problems, lack of funding, student numbers, etc.
I've started going to Floral Design classes with Gayle and Charmian who I work with. I think we're all enjoying it but finding it challenging in different ways: being students instead of teachers, the cost of everything each week, trying to squeeze in trips to all of the supermarkets to find nice, inexpensive flowers and most of all raiding for foliage, endless, mammoth amounts of foliage are needed for floral design as opposed to floristry. In fact it's the most frequently heard cry from the students each week "oh I haven't got enough foliage". Last week I even raided the bin at one point in my quest. 
Oh what I'd give for a Eucalyptus tree!
The challenge for week 1 was to produce a Symmetrical triangular design from a bunch of roses and lisianthus and some foliage. Some of you may spot a very beautiful carnation (not a description I usually use of one of my least favourite flowers, but in this case totally warranted) in the center. The tutor had bought a few extra flowers to help us out at the start.
Anyway this is what I produced:
In the classroom
On display in my hall, don't you love my shabby chic effect wall which is waiting to be wallpapered.
Gayle's display
Charmian's display
After a week and a half some of my flowers were starting to look very much worse for wear so I decided to give it a revamp and here's how it looked after the metamorphosis

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