Monday, 2 January 2012

I know it's the New Year but ......

I really love Christmas and so rather than blogging about the New Year and the joys of what the new term will bring in respect of students's work (exciting and lovely) and the politics and uncertainty of college restructuring and redundancies (the feelings are summed up so well by Ivy Black in her Sheldonian lines..... I thought I'd proove to my A2 Textiles students once and for all that I love glitter and sparkle by posting some photos of my decorations.
Our glittery Christmas cake with splendidly light catching star

and the tree, which for me has to be so sparkly that it glitters all day and night.

and here are a selection of some of my favourite decorations on the tree at the moment; a mixture of old handpainted and new mass poduced. I love them all.

   and here's what happens when the lights and baubles dance together quickly after a few new year's eves drinks.