Sunday, 2 December 2012

What a long time it's been, again!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. This is the time of year when there should be so much to post about, but work has been so full on, it seems that during term time there is never a moment for a teacher to call their own: marking, observations, meetings, 1-1s with students, schemes of work, training days, the list goes on and on. Unfortunatly just when it seems you've worked your way through it, it all starts over again - the courses I teach on in the Foundation Learning department are now due to have external moderation oh and of course there will be parent's evenings next week and the following week.
Anyway I suppose all of these things can make you really appreciate the little or unplanned things and this weekend has had some of those.
My friend Alison texted me on Saturday afternoon inviting me to go to Reading with her for a spot of late night Christmas shopping. Reading's Christmas lights are very beautiful.
My friend Jackie had an open house with crafts on show from her and some friends and from what I saw she was having an amazingly busy time.
My husband surprised me (lovely, as he doesn't do surprises) and gave me this yesterday morning, how better to start the days of December than with some good chocolate.