Sunday, 24 June 2012

What's happening this week?

Art Exhibition 2012

I think it's going to be a busy week this week.
Monday - Collect in As Textiles project from last week and grade them.
Encourage Textiles groups to make at least 3 visits to the College Foundation/Btec exhibition and look at all of the work, not just Fashion and Textiles so they can reference their favourites in their research books.
Tuesday - Organise Opps for Learning Information morning.
Private View tonight.
Wednesday - Complete paperwork for Btec Art unit with Entry group.
Dentist in the afternoon.
Thursday - Textiles trip to London to New Designers Exhibition.
Friday - Subject reviews for all of my students.

New Designers 2012, Part 1: 27-30 June, Part 2: 4-7 July, Business Design centre, London UK

Chelsea College of Art and Design show

Went to London on Friday with the plan for a bit of a mooch around Westfield in Shepherd's Bush then to meet up with Alex and John. However their plans changed and I managed to catch a train which didn't stop at Clapham and so arrived at Waterloo. But it had a bright side as I love standing at Waterloo waiting to meet someone under the clock and it's an especial bonus when it's Ascot - all those women wearing beautiful creations on their heads and men in top hat and tails, fabulous.
Anyway we then had to decide what we wanted to do to fill a couple of hours, so as always, when I go to London, it started with a stroll around a bit of the Southbank but then for a change we turned left and headed down towards Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Art and Design.
Although we were starving by now, we had a quick look around the graduate show, wandering in to find some of the work, but to my shame hunger did take over and we left before we'd seen much of the fine art. However I did get a peek at some of the textiles and picked up a few postcards (which I now seem to have lost) so I've had to visit the website to find reminders of some of the students who really impressed me: 
Sophie Jones                and               Katherine Lawson

There were others I saw whose work I liked, but they aren't on the Showcase, but while flicking through I saw the work of Catherine Frere-Smith who has produced some lovely prints for clothes, but when you get tired of the clothes they can be cut up and transformed into stuffed birds!. I love it.