Monday, 30 May 2011

Inspired by a nation's obsession with tea time

Just found these brooches at and they reminded me so much of some beautiful bunting from one of our A2 students last year. 

The makers of these are a group of 3 designers who are inspired by our love of teatime and sweet things.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Too much has been happening recently and so blogging had to be abandoned, but hopefully I'm back now for a while.
Of course this week has been all about garden design on the TV and I have to say initially I was a little disappointed as none of the Chelsea gardens had that instant wow factor I look for. I think they were much subtler in their appeal than last year, Dean always says I go for the big, blousy effect, rather than subtle. But here's some of my selection of favourites:
Artisan Garden.

The Basildon Bond Garden - I just loved the movement of the paper on the wall, and was relieved to find it's waterproof paper too.

Show Gardens
The Cancer Research UK Garden - oh I'd love to have blocks of colour like this in my garden - fashion colour blocking owes it all to nature.

Laurent-Perrier Garden - I'm a big fan of the drink and becoming a big fan of irises too.

Monaco Garden - not a very suitable design for my patch of garden, but I love it

The Daily Telegraph Garden - This really didn't do it for me as a whole garden design but I did love some of the planting, just not a big fan of the yellow wall and the columns.

The Irish Sky Garden - of course if it's Dairmuid Gavin it has to be different and this was. I love the circular pools and the fuschia pink of the flying structure, plus he won The People's Choice as well as his first gold medal.

And to end, more of my new favourite (until the next one comes along, I'm fairly fickle)more beautiful irises