Saturday, 19 March 2011

Jimmie Martin

Ever since I saw Gayle's powerpoint she made for the styling project I've been racking my brains to think of the name of the designer I saw a couple of years ago, because the chairs with rabbits on (in her powerpoint) had reminded me of his work.

I've finally, thanks to the usually wonderful and sometimes frustrating Google, tracked him down - Jimmie Martin.

He can turn his hand to other furniture as well as chairs

and everyone should know I'm a sucker for a chandelier.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Too busy

I know I promised to complete my St Petersburgh posts soon, but I'm just so busy at work that it will have to wait a little while, well a few weeks probably. But I didn't want to abandon my posting totally as I had just got back into it after a gap over the Christmas holidays.

Anyway last night was spent at college for an open evening helped by 4 extremely helpful and fun students, Becca and Courtney (Foundation Art) and Becky and Ellie (As Textiles), so I decided that to supplement all the lovely student's work which Gayle, Brooke and I had laid out we would play some videos. For me it had to start with some Alexander McQueen catwalk/runway shows. But later on Becca got us all hooked on the work of Holly Fulton who I have seen before, but never looked at in detail. Anyway here's a peek at some of her designs from S/S 2011 and A/W 2011.

and just for Becca the dress she's losing sleep over at the moment.