Sunday, 3 February 2013


What a lovely day yesterday was. The sun was shining and it seemed like a great day for a drive - so Dean and I headed off to Whitchurch in the Test Valley. It's lovely driving around there, although as the sun was shining we did miss Dean's MG with the top down it would have made life even better. Anyway we headed of to visit the Whitchurch Silk Mill. A poster had been sent to college promoting their weekend sale and free entry to the mill. 
 water power

  They weave gorgeous silks much of which graces out TV screens in many costume dramas and films. I adore looms and weaving (it makes me long for my college days) and especially the strong, beautiful colours of silk fabrics and yarn.
It was gorgeous just wandering around and fun to do a quick bit of weaving on a treddle loom.