Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Designers

Well Liz and I decided we need to offer inspiration and fun to our new A2 Textiles groups so it's off to New Designers with them tomorrow, all being well!
If you get the chance to check it out it's always exciting and inspiring and very big if you try to see it all which I always want to, I've never liked missing out, who knows what's around the corner! I drive Alex mad, but this time she won't be with me, so I can annoy all the students instead.
Anyway take a look at their website to see what it's all about if you don't already know and to find the opening times, etc.

BDC New Designer of the Year, Louise Tiler

This year's main prize winner is:
Louise Tiler, Leeds College of Art & Design

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fred & Ginger

With a name like that you instantly think Hollywood glamour which is why it's such a winning name for the lingerie company my lovely daughter is currently interning at. She has loved the brand for ages, so much so that she's currently spending the only 2 weeks she will get off from Uni this summer, working for them, whenever she has a spare moment. I know she's having a great time there and is looking forward to the launch of their S/S12 collection which includes swimwear for the first time.
These images come from the current collection. If you like them, then why not vote for them in the UK Lingerie Awards 2011 at

From next week Alex will be on her year long internship, so I'm sure I'll be mentioning lingerie again on quite a regular basis throughout the year.