Sunday, 20 November 2011

Made 11

I've been intending to visit Made 11 for a few years now but finally managed to this year. I organised a college trip and Liz, Sammi, Gayle and I took about 40 A2 and Btec Textiles students on a lovely day out there on Friday. The students were great and we had a gorgeous day with lots of research done by all. Everyone was much friendlier than when we take the students to Origin and so I even managed to take a few photos, but I missed some as I got so wrapped up in all of the beautiful things.
Anyway on to some of the gorgeous people and things I saw:

Joanna Corney  

Katie Almond  

Angela Davies  

Lara Sparks     

Ros Lymer  

Sunday, 6 November 2011

How lucky am I!

Lunchtimes at work used to be OK, they usually consisted of a trip to the canteen, often for pasta or a roll from Costa, but for the last few weeks my husband has spoilt me rotten. I must admit his motivation was probably mainly that luch for him was a limited selection from Sainsbury's sandwiches section.

A couple of months ago we were in Guildford and popped into the lovely Steamer Trading Cook Shop
where we saw a great selection of Bento boxes so he treated us to one each and since then lunch has been totally transformed.

Homemade Kijiyaki chicken on green salad with plain basmati rice

First attempt at Onigiri, stuffed with smoked chicken and served with green salad, sweeet potato and pickled carrot & suede. Not the tidiest onigiri in the world, but they tasted yum.

Beef soboro and egg soboro with blanched brocoli and sugar-snap peas on udon noodles with a kaeshi sauce.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

What a difference a blog makes

This term I've been working with a group of students on the Btec Level 1 Vocational Studies course; they are a lively bunch to say the least and have taken a while to settle into my lessons. But since we started making blogs they have become a totally different group.

Suddenly I have 12 hard working students in my lessons who get on with their work and even seem to, dare I say it, be enjoying it. They are producing blogs on a range of subjects from Rap to make-up, theatre shows to the Olympics, shopping and fashion to kick boxing and mixed martial arts, music to their own group of students and dragons to sailing.

I will have to make sure I keep updating my own blog so they don't out do me!