Sunday, 29 August 2010

The cats

Ooops the cats have multiplied and we now have Storm, Spike and Syd plus a gorgeous, cute new kitten (she may become Moss, not sure yet). Anyway here are a few pictures to show how cute she really is.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Filming in South Wales

On a very grey day we visited Porthcawl and came across a beautiful lamp post and a film crew filming Nigel Slater's autobiography

Other images from South Wales

Here a just a few of the other pictures from the 1st part of our holiday: This looked like great fun.
Finally more food of course:

All Saints shop windows

I've seen quite a few of their windows filled with the sewing machines but have never had a camera on me before. Although this wasn't the biggest display, go to Shoreditch if you want to see a really impressive set of windows, it is still a thing of beauty to me so I'm including it here.

Hard Rock Cafe

We don't do the Hard Rock cafe very often but when we do I always find something from someone I like, so this is my pick from Cardiff:
Peter Gabriel
David Bowie
It's Wales so it has to include The Manic Street Preachers
And finally, because again it's Wales and Alex misled me and I thought I was going to see Sir Tom on the recording of the Rob Brydon TV show (more on that later), Sir Tom Jones's suit.


We spent a couple of hours in Cardiff and as I'm a bit of a sucker for nice flowers I took a picture of the lovely hanging baskets, unfortunately my image doesn't show that the street was just awash with these lamp posts all with loads of baskets attached - a riot of colourOf course being a family who love to eat, our main priority was to find somewhere to eat, plus it was lunch time.

Inside this lovely courtyard we found:

Summer holidays - Oh bliss

Well here I am having a relaxing afternoon all alone - Dean is working and Alex and John are somewhere - Alton or Guildford I think but I'm not 100% sure as it is Orange Wednesday and John goes back to Leeds tonight after his surprise visit for a few days. Oh young love makes you do reckless things doesn't it! You can't get much more romantic than driving through the night and arriving in Alton at 4 ish in the morning because you suddenly have a couple of days off work. Lots of brownie points John, well done.

Anyway we've been away on holiday and have been back for a week or so and I've been very remiss with my blogging, so I'm going to gradually try to catch up with posting everything I've been up to and some of my photos which I've been annoying everyone with.

So on the 1st Saturday of the College holiday we left for 5 days in South Wales. When I look back on the holiday I don't think of beautiful weather, but we did have some nice days as the pictures of us crossing the Severn Bridge show.