Tuesday, 31 July 2012

end of term treats

What nice students I have! Lots of cards with lovely messages as well as the odd late night texts, maybe after a drink or two, all saying thanks and how nice it's been. I have to admit the A2 and As year have been great this year with a real mix of characters. But what a nice surprise it was to walk into the office just after lunch on what had been an aweful morning on my last day and find this along with a lovely note from 2 of my As students. It's true, it is the little things that count, and this really cheered me up so thank you Jess and Emma.

End of term show

Well, term ended without any time for a breather and I was straight off on holiday which explains the lack of recent posts. The final weeks of term saw mad rushes to complete final units for some students, leaving parties and lots of tears, awards ceremonies, masses of paperwork, trying to keep the As level Textiles group motivated to the end, along with putting up work for A level verification, taking it down again and putting up a display of some of the lovely pieces from this year's textiles groups. So here's some pictures of the work they've been hard at this year.
Sophie's experimental piece
Olivia's re-vamped suitcase and beautiful photoshoot

Allie's dress with delicate stitching and printing

                 typically quirky designs from Polly

sophistication from Lauren and Edie

It's not all about the end pieces though. Here's one of Caitlin's drawings of lighthouses which led to lots of experimentation and ended in designs for skirts and dresses.

        drawing                                                       sewing

        reverse applique                                 illustration  

 Tabitha's hand batiked fabric

Maggie's cute little girl's dress and pinafore