Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alex is home or maybe not?

Well the summer holidays are here for some of us already and my darling daughter had decided to come home for the holiday. But of course being young means being around for the odd meal and maybe a few days before it's off to stay somewhere else. Just back from a long weekend with John (boyfriend) in Leeds she's off again soon to London for a week or so. She's hopefully doing a weeks course at LCF (London College of Fashion) but seems to be the only person signed up for the course so we're not optimistic it will run.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

My husband

Well, things I like about my husband - this will be added to and maybe amended in different posts:
He can make me laugh
He's kind
He doesn't always watch the football
He cooks me nice meals
Etc, etc

Things I don't like about my husband:
He created a brand new blog with lots on it that doesn't use a template in about half an hour!!!

Sunny Sunday mornings

What an idyllic start to a Sunday - the courgettes are suddenly starting to look like courgettes


freshly baked blueberry muffins for breakfast. Don't worry though it's not quite a scene from The Stepford wives - there weren't enough blueberries so they had to become blueberry and banana and I don't think they look that muffiny, more giant fairy cake, but they do taste good.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Some photos of Alex

I realised if this blog is supposed to be about myself and my daughter Alex then I should post some photos. These were all taken last year when we seemed to travel about a bit. This year the recession bites and it will be much more of a stay at home experience.

There may be the occasional photo of me but they will probably be few and far between. Bloggers rights!

Why does so much happen in the first weekend in July?

Decisions, decisions.

My life is like a bus - nothing for ages, then lots come along all at once.

I've had some chilled weekends for a while and now next weekend there's loads to fit in.

1) I absolutely have to go to New Designers this year as it's a great chance to be inspired by all the lovely work fashion and textiles graduates around the country are producing. Having been to Winchester last weekend to see their show and meet a couple of students who will be there I know the work is going to be so gorgeous. Hopefully Alex will come too as she didn't make it to the Winchester show.
2) I also absolutely have to go to Hackney to help move all of Alex's possessions (well I say all, but it doesn't include everything filling her own bedroom at home and the spare bedroom) but all of the clothes, work, kitchen equipment, pretty bits and bobs, etc that she has crammed into her tiny room in halls into her new flat in Brixton. Let's hope it's a happier year, living wise. Alex will definately be there.
I haven't seen the new flat yet, or met the flatmates, but am really looking forward to it. It's got to be so much better than the awful first flat I shared with my wonderful friend Eilis in 2nd year at Leicester Poly.
3) I also absolutely have to go to the hat fair at Winchester. Again something I missed last year. If you haven't been you should get together with a friend and give it a go, although I shouldn't be encouraging more people to visit, it can be a bit of a squash! Alex and I want to be able to find a little corner of grass to chill on.
Why is the weekend so short?

A brilliant end to a great year

The Art Foundation and Btec students at Alton College have done it again and as usual it just gets better, although Alex and friends will kill me for saying that as it was their show last year. Anyway, I'm of course biased so most of the pictures I have are fashion/textiles based. The fashion show was especially brilliant this time round, partly I think because it had just got 'too big' recently and this one was scaled done to fewer students.

More photos to follow soon